Shipping Packages from Poland to Germany: Simple, Affordable, and Convenient

Think back to how many times you wanted to buy something in Poland, but the seller didn't offer shipping to Germany or the cost of such shipping was so high that you decided to give up on the purchase? It surely happened to you many times 🙁

We've decided to change this situation!

Single Packages from Poland to Germany. In this category, we offer a hassle-free way to send your purchases from Poland to Germany. The process is simple:

Purchase the service: Choose the appropriate weight category and make a purchase on our platform in the category of Single Packages from Poland to Germany. Based on the expected weight of the package, choose the service that suits you.

Pay: Make the payment for the service.

Receive a PDF file with the address: After purchasing and paying for the service, you will receive a PDF file containing the address in Poland where you should send your package (as well as the address of the parcel locker).

Shipping to Poland: Forward your package to the specified address in Poland.

We ship the package in Germany: We take care of the further steps by dispatching your package with a German courier to the specified address in Germany. We act as an intermediary for parcel delivery to Germany.

warehouse adres znajomego

Benefits and Important Information

We cover the shipping costs in Germany

Supplements: If your package exceeds the selected weight range, you can make a supplement payment. In case of weight exceedance, we will inform you about the need to pay a supplement.

Allowed package dimensions: Ensure that your package complies with the allowed dimensions specified by DPD Germany. You can find information about the allowed package dimensions of DPD Germany here.

Shipping to German islands: For shipments to German islands, a supplement applies. More information can be found here.

Shopping on Polish websites: Our service allows shopping on Polish online stores, Polish online bookstores, and trading platforms, regardless of whether the seller offers international shipping or not. For example:,,


The new category of services available on the platform gives you the opportunity for trouble-free shipping of packages from Poland to Germany. Enjoy shopping on Polish websites and send your packages to Germany with ease and convenience. Start using our service today and take advantage of the wealth of offers available in Poland, without worrying about shipping costs.

If you plan to make larger purchases from two or more sellers, be sure to check out our offer for consolidated shipments.

May 7, 2024