How to Easily Shop on the German E-commerce Market Using Our Services?

The German E-commerce Market

Size in Numbers

The German e-commerce market is one of the largest and most developed markets in Europe. In 2023, the value of this market exceeded 100 billion euros, which represented a significant increase compared to previous years. German consumers enthusiastically embrace online shopping, making this market extremely attractive to both domestic and international sellers. The large number of transactions and the growing number of internet users indicate further dynamic growth of e-commerce in Germany.

Richness of Offerings

Goods from Germany

The German e-commerce market offers a wide selection of domestically produced goods. Products such as electronics, clothing, cosmetics, and groceries are popular among both German and international customers. The high quality of German products and well-known brands attract hordes of buyers who value durability and reliability.

Goods Imported to Germany from Around the World

Simultaneously, the German e-commerce market is abundant with products imported from various parts of the world. Thanks to its openness to international trade, customers can choose from a wide range of goods from Asia, America, or other European countries. Such diversity in offerings allows for finding unique products that may be lacking in local markets.

High Competition, Low Prices

High competition in the German e-commerce market translates into attractive prices for customers. Often, prices are lower than in other European Union countries, making shopping in German online stores very cost-effective. Promotions, sales, and numerous discounts attract consumers who want to save on their purchases.

Challenges Buyers May Encounter in German Online Stores

Lack of Shipping Options to Specific Countries

One of the main problems that buyers may encounter on German e-commerce platforms is the lack of shipping options to their country. Many stores limit their delivery services solely to the territory of Germany, which prevents foreign customers from making purchases.

Excessive Shipping Costs

Another problem is excessively high shipping costs. Even if a store offers delivery to the buyer's country, the costs are often disproportionately high, discouraging the completion of purchases. In such cases, despite attractive product prices, the total transaction cost becomes too high.

Our Offer for Buyers in Germany

Consolidation and Shipping Platform

Our service, available at, provides a solution to the above problems. The name "Adres Znajomego" (Friend's Address) reflects the idea of closeness and trust on which our services are based. We operate like a trusted friend who receives shipments in Germany and forwards them to you, regardless of your location.

Individual Shipments

For customers who only need an address to receive a shipment in Germany, we offer individual shipping services. We provide a German address where purchased items can be directed. Subsequently, we forward them to the customer's designated address in their country. This is an ideal solution for people making occasional purchases in German stores.

Consolidated Shipments

For those who regularly buy from multiple sellers, we offer consolidated shipping services. The customer provides our address as the delivery address for all their purchases. After collecting all packages in our warehouse, we pack them together into one box and ship them to the customer. As a result, shipping costs are significantly lower, and the customer does not have to worry about separate charges for each item.

Fast Pickup Address

If you need to quickly obtain an address for receiving a shipment in Germany but haven't decided which of our services to use, we offer a fast pickup address service. This allows for the immediate redirection of ordered shipments to our address, and then you can decide whether to use individual or consolidated shipments.

Benefits Our Customers Gain from Our Services

Ability to Purchase in Germany

Thanks to our services, customers can shop at German online stores even if they do not offer delivery to their country. This opens up new shopping opportunities and allows for taking advantage of attractive offers available in the German market.

Reduction of Shipping Costs

One of the greatest benefits is the reduction of shipping costs, especially when using the "consolidated package" service. The customer does not have to pay for the transportation of each item separately. By entrusting us with consolidation, all orders are packed together and shipped in one package, significantly reducing costs.

Our Offer Is Continuously Expanding

If you don't currently see shipments to your country on our website, you have the following options:

Purchase the "fast address in Germany" service. You receive an address where you can direct your shipments. Later, you have the option to instruct us to ship with your shipping label, or, upon agreement with us, we will send it with our shipping label.

Request an individual service quote. We are flexible and ready to adjust our offer to your needs. We encourage you to contact us and use our services. Thanks to "Adres Znajomego" (Friend's Address), shopping in the German e-commerce market becomes simple, convenient, and cost-effective.

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