Fast Address in Poland

VAT included

Address for the fast reception of parcels in Poland

Address for the fast reception of shipments in Poland

You purchase this service

You pay

Our shop system automatically sends you an email with the address in Poland Now you can forward the package to this address

We inform you about the receipt of the package

We send it to the address you provided (after purchasing the corresponding, weight-dependent service).



Polityka prywatności

Fast Reception Address in Poland

With the purchase of this service, you will receive a reception address for parcels in Poland (address + INPOST parcel box). You can send purchased items or other shipments to this address After purchasing and paying for this service, you will receive an email with the address in Poland where you can send the package After receiving your package, we will inform you about it As part of our other services, we offer:

- shipping of a single package to the address provided by you abroad;

- consolidated shipping (combining two or more packages into one) from Poland to the address provided by you abroad.

If you do not see a message from us in your inbox after purchasing and paying for the service, please:

- first check the SPAM folder;

- if you still do not receive a message from us, please contact us by phone, preferably via Whatsapp.

Please note that the package should not exceed the maximum dimensions (more information can be found here). Our services for individual packages and consolidated packages already include in the price the reception service (provision of the address) and the shipping. The Fast Address for Receiving Packages in Poland service is aimed at customers who have not yet decided which service from the categories mentioned above they want to choose, but already need an address in Poland.